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Transforming Organizational Culture the Sterling Way

An organization’s culture directly impacts its financial performance, effectiveness, and longevity. Dr. Daniel Denison and his team of researchers first explored and validated this concept over the course of two decades. Denison discovered a direct correlation between a company’s corporate culture percentile ranking and its return on investment—the stronger a company’s culture, the greater its profitability. That is why when contracted to implement a cultural transformation Sterling Integrators always begins (more…) Read more

Fighting Entropy

Entropy is the tendency for systems to move from order to disorder. We can see it all around us. Given enough time cars rust, sidewalks crumble, and bridges fall. Imagine an organized deck of cards. If you throw the deck into the air, it will come fluttering back down and land in a random scattering on the floor. It takes much more energy (classifying, ordering, and stacking) for the cards to land stacked in the correct order than it does for them ... Read more

Build a Culture, Not a Cult

When was the last time an employee told you something he or she knew you didn’t want to hear?   When was the last time a person on your management team expressed disagreement with everyone else--and stood by their conviction?   The fact is it’s easier for people to go with the flow rather than rock the boat and it’s more common to think that things will stay the same than change. That is how Groupthink takes root. Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs ... Read more

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