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Book Announcement: Growing Leaders with Sterling Integrators

We are pleased to announce that Growing Leaders with Sterling Integrators by Ray Beerhorst is now available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. The book comes out of Ray's experience as an Executive Coach, and it sets out to explain two things: how leaders can achieve personal growth, and how they can transform their organizations. It includes helpful charts and diagrams along with a step-by-step plan for gaining the qualities that make for effective leadership. Here is the link. Start changing the way you ... Read more

Everyone Is a Salesperson

Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman, is one of the reasons I never considered a career in sales. The image of the burned out main character, Willy Loman, wearily stumbling through a door carrying an enormous suitcase in each hand was enough to convince me that sales was often brutal and thankless work. But Dan Pink, in his book To Sell Is Human, makes a compelling case that we are all already in sales. He explains, “When I sat down to ... Read more

Blood, Bile, and Phlegm?: Understanding Our Personalities

Some History… If you were a talkative person with a sunny disposition living in Greece around the year 300 BC, your friends would have described you as “sanguine,” meaning that you have “extra blood.” Blood was one of four different bodily fluids—or, humors as they called them—that the ancients believed influenced an individual’s personality. The other three were yellow bile (choleric), phlegm (phlegmatic), and black bile (melancholic). An excess of black bile would make you melancholy. A deficiency of yellow bile explained ... Read more

Why Carrots and Sticks Fail

Most likely, your intuitions about how to motivate people are dead wrong. Mine were too, before I read Drive by Daniel Pink. Pink makes an extremely compelling case for why it is time to put down our carrots and sticks and leave them behind in the 20th century were they belong. How he arrived at that conclusion is fascinating as well, because it had nothing to do with touchy-feely ideas or a socialist agenda, but rather with cold, hard empirical facts. The Federal Reserve ... Read more

Leaders and Scapegoats

Every once in a great while, a unique thinker develops a theory that can completely change the way we see the world. Like a lens, the theory brings new things into view where once we saw only chaos. Such theories can enable us to change our world – for the better or for worse. Take Einstein’s theory of relativity, for example. It  began simply as one man’s hypothesis of reality. But before the century was out it had changed the world in two very different ... Read more


For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? No one sets out to lose what was once most important to them. But it still happens. For those in leadership roles, the subtle influence of money and power can take over, often with tragic results. Citizen Kane, the classic Orson Welles film released in 1941, depicts the pernicious and corrosive effects that money and power can have on those who encounter them unprepared. ... Read more

Don’t Wait for Leaders to Emerge, Grow Them

When leaders attempt to “develop” their subordinates, the process tends to be very hands-off and demoralizing. They often start by observing who their most ambitious and politically inclined employees are. Next they let those people duke it out in order to see who can earn a place of power and prestige. All too often, growing professionally seems like something only a small percentage of the entire organization is even capable of. And even those select individuals must self-identify and maneuver themselves ... Read more


To resolve to do something is to decide firmly on a course of action. For a leader, it means closing off of some alternatives and visions so that you can direct all of your resources and time into one coordinated effort. When you resolve to do something, you do not waffle, waver, or wander; you step out confidently in a predetermined direction. Strategies for reaching your vision can change. The timeline may be modified. The team may be shuffled. But, ultimately, your ... Read more

Are You Communicating or Just Talking?

Communicating, or attempting to communicate, is something that we've all been doing for as long as we can remember. For this reason, many of us assume that we have mastered communication. So we seldom think about what exactly we are doing when we are communicating. But let's just step back a minute. Let’s think about what communication really is. (more…) Read more

Contagion within an Organization

We in the Western world tend to value individuality very highly. We admire visionaries like Martin Luther King Jr, Pablo Picasso, and Steve Jobs, who have had an enormous impact on history and culture. We understand that one single individual can introduce a whole society to new ways of thinking about the world. Nevertheless, it is always easier—and more common—for an individual to have a negative impact, to tear down rather than build up. As cynicism and negativity become increasingly prevalent in our ... Read more
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