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Trust Your Instincts

Michelle was a phenomenal salesperson, so it seemed only logical to promote her to the Director of Sales position. But just three months later the whole department is in disarray and sales are down 15%. Michelle knows sales. She has great emotional intelligence. But she’s not performing well in her new role. What’s going on here? (more…) Read more


For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? No one sets out to lose what was once most important to them. But it still happens. For those in leadership roles, the subtle influence of money and power can take over, often with tragic results. Citizen Kane, the classic Orson Welles film released in 1941, depicts the pernicious and corrosive effects that money and power can have on those who encounter them unprepared. ... Read more

You are More than a Machine

Could you craft an incentive structure for your employees that was so perfect you would never need to lead or manage them again? Some experts would have us believe that it is possible. They claim that a system of monetary incentives and disincentives can motivate and guide the decision-making process of an entire team, thus making leadership and management unnecessary. A successful organization, in this theory, is just a matter of choosing the right “carrots” and “sticks.” Apart from being depressing, this theory overlooks something ... Read more

The Power of Subtraction

A sculptor creates through elimination. He starts with a chunk of stone and slowly transforms it into a beautiful shape that previously existed only in his mind. We tend to think of creation as an additive process, like when we add paint to canvas or introduce light to film. But we forget that we can also create by removing something. Our lives are also shaped by subtraction. When we say no to an opportunity or request, we are shaping our lives and future. ... Read more

How to Find Personal Fulfillment

Every person must ask himself or herself the question, "How should I live?" Leaders have the added responsibility to tackle this question because the answer impacts not only themselves, but all of their subordinates as well. Fortunately, ancient Greek thinkers like Plato and Aristotle committed a tremendous amount of time and energy to answering this question, and today we can benefit from the mental heavy lifting that they did all those centuries ago. Aristotle identified three main ways humans seek fulfillment: Laetus (Immediate ... Read more

Checking Out on Your Competitors

The word “competitor” tends to either make a leader’s stomach turn or his blood pressure spike. Competitors, we often think, are mortal enemies to be vigilantly monitored, outwitted, stomped, crushed, and eliminated. Unless total victory is accomplished, the borders will not be safe. This mentality, however, is simplistic and wrong. The leader who thinks of competition in this way is using a mindset better suited for medieval times than the dynamic and complex world of today. In today’s world the more time you ... Read more

Know Thyself: Beliefs and Values

Behind every decision you make is a value, and behind every value is a belief. As a leader, understanding how beliefs and values work will help you: Recognize what drives you Discover a compelling vision for your life Understand the people you lead and how they interact with each other   Great leaders are passionate about what they do. I like to spend time helping my clients discover what they are passionate about so that they can create a compelling vision for the future that they will be ... Read more

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