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Blood, Bile, and Phlegm?: Understanding Our Personalities

Some History… If you were a talkative person with a sunny disposition living in Greece around the year 300 BC, your friends would have described you as “sanguine,” meaning that you have “extra blood.” Blood was one of four different bodily fluids—or, humors as they called them—that the ancients believed influenced an individual’s personality. The other three were yellow bile (choleric), phlegm (phlegmatic), and black bile (melancholic). An excess of black bile would make you melancholy. A deficiency of yellow bile explained ... Read more

Teamwork, According to The Wire

You build a great team by finding and hiring the best, smartest, and hardest-working individuals and putting them in the right place within your organization…right?   If only it were that easy.   While I find Jim Collins’s “get the right people in the right seats of the bus” metaphor logical, I also find it an over-simplification of how great teams are actually formed and developed in the real world. A better metaphor would probably be, “you've crashed your airplane in the desert, and now ... Read more

Build Teams that Stick – Here’s Why

Losing an employee because they were unhappy, frustrated, or angry should never be taken lightly. If it happens frequently, you probably haven’t built a “sticky” enough organization. This week’s post will show you why the concept is important and next week we will talk about how to get it done. Here’s why you need to focus on building teams that stick: (more…) Read more

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