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“Ray is an absolutely rock star coach! I used to be one that questioned the value of coaches and how much value they can add over a few, hour long sessions! Boy was I wrong! Ray helped me make career moves, helped me kick start my teams, helped me with discipline, organization, inspiration, and most importantly with clarity when in doubt! He can have a lasting impact on you. He definitely did on me. I highly highly recommend him. His ability to distill complex decisions to simple metrics is amazing. Once he worked with me on an agenda for my team kick off, where my team voted that meeting as the ‘absolute best team meeting they attended!’ So yes, he is awesome.”
--Sudheer Matta, Director, Sales and Business Development at Cisco Systems


“I have utilized Ray as a professional Executive Coach over the past 6 months and have found the experience to be extremely rewarding. Ray is very easy to work with and has been able to provide extremely useful insights specific to my development needs. He has a talent for truly connecting with his clients and then he is able to utilize his tremendous Corporate experience to provide valuable personalized coaching. I have definitely benefited from the relationship and would highly recommend Ray as a professional coach.”
--Jeremy Rich, Sr. Director Acquisitions Integration at Cisco Systems


“As my professional coach, Ray has inspired me while challenging me to think in new ways. His varied and broad experience with large corporations gave me critical insights into leadership and how to manage challenging situations. His open, honest and friendly personality made it easy to work with him. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to gain leadership skills that can’t be learned in books or seminars!”
--Leah Lewis, Managing Director, Consulting Services at Cisco Systems


“I live and work in Dubai. Distance was not a problem for Ray, he used Skype to communicate with me, he uses his white board to make things clear for me, he talks to me for an hour coaching me and guiding me to where I aspire to be. In fact, he inspired me to be more than I ever wanted to be. I feel different, better, and more hopeful with each session. Ray Beerhorst also gives valuable advice on life and personal matters. He’s a very positive person and he sees your bright side, a side you have never known before. I’m telling you he’s a life changer!”
--Rosil Azawi, Producer


“I went to Ray looking for guidance in how to change our corporate culture and to help me with leadership development. When I started working with Ray I was Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With Ray’s coaching and mentoring I was able to demonstrate to our Board of Directors enough growth to inspire them to make me President and CEO. This was over an eight month period of time. Ray’s coaching and instructional material has given me the confidence and courage to implement several programs that are driving a very positive corporate cultural change in our company. 1. The Denison Leadership Assessment was the first tool that highlighted multiple areas of the business that were deficient. 2. Ray assisted me in developing actions to address the specific areas that the Denison Assessment pointed to. 3. The cultural change that has been initiated has also started several other key projects: Lean Manufacturing 5S Small Group meetings Employee meetings Regular staff meetings Performance metrics to run the business. Ray is working with our technical team to drive process improvements by collecting and analyzing specific data.”
--Jeff Doornbos, President/CEO at Brillcast Inc.


“What I enjoy most about Ray’s coaching is that he takes me beyond problem solving and gets to the heart of the issue that’s truly affecting my work. In my experience, corporate-sponsored mentoring is frequently focused on career path and gaining better understanding of business principles related to the specific company and industry. Ray’s coaching digs deeper and forces me to truly understand the issue at hand, challenging my perspective in every situation. He compliments telephone coaching and in person coaching with leadership books that are tailored to my leadership development needs. That’s the heart of what Ray does. He teaches me to development the leadership potential inside of me. And in the midst of working through challenges at the office, I gain insight as to what my life purpose really is about, beyond the next big deadline or project. My experience with Ray has led me to achieve two new positions within my company, one of those being a promotion to a management role.”
--Timothy Schifer, Sales Merchandising Manager at Jenn-Air, Whirlpool Corporation


“As I reflect on the changes that I have seen in Alan as a result of his time with Ray I think the biggest changes I have seen as it relates to our personal life is his understanding and consideration of what is important to me, what my values are. Having both made a list of our values and exchanged them, I find that we are both more aware of what the other person needs in order to feel valued, considered, loved and respected in our relationship.” “Professionally, Ray’s coaching has given me more confidence in talking to my employees and has helped me to stand up for myself when before I would walk away. He has also helped me reach the goal of completing a handbook for my shop, conducting wage reviews for my team, generally getting the team to work together better, and implementing a rewards system for the shop that helps my employees take pride in their contribution.” “I think the other big change in Alan has been his awareness and acceptance that not everyone thinks like he does and the reality that this doesn’t make someone wrong or right–it just makes them who they are. I have seen this in his relationships in his business interactions as well as in his personal family life.” “If you are looking for coaching that brings results in helping you develop your leadership and interpersonal skills in ways that have the potential to change your work environment and your personal relationships, I wholeheartedly encourage you to contact Ray.”
--Ruth Breuker and Alan Breuker, Foremost Machine, Inc.


“Ray Beerhorst is an awesome coach! He was also my Director at Energetx Composites, LLC. He was instrumental in changing our culture to produce unprecedented, phenomenal results. I have witnessed a change in our workplace that will be a great story to write…it all starts with great leadership. Thanks Ray for being that Coach/Leader!”
--Ron White, Manufacturing Manager

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